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Introduction of up my COMING SOON video Ninja Scroll (images) created by MadHouse Animate Films


The Calling


Ice Pop

2015-01-30 21:08:51 by JoeDragonn


Red Sheet scene

2015-01-30 17:44:22 by JoeDragonn


Red Sheet scene

2015-01-30 17:31:04 by JoeDragonn


Coming Soon

2015-01-10 02:25:21 by JoeDragonn

Trailer coming soon guys, christmas break for me was a big 2 1/2   break for me on my flash, but Im back active on it 4hours 5days a week. so the actuall release that I will estimate it on Feburary 12-20. and the mean time I have been Invited to the COLLABORATION. A brother so excited so there will be room for that. Thanks guys for supporting me and keeping me motivated.

New Name

2015-01-04 22:45:27 by JoeDragonn

Im not sure on how to get change my name that is displayed but I now go by the name of JoeDragon


2014-10-18 00:45:43 by JoeDragonn

SORRY FRIENDS, FANS AND FAMILY well yall all my Family. I've had a Major Set back like I said before my Soop Up PC was being fix and it cost so I have been using my old pc. To be totally Honest guys I've KILLING WARFRAME on PC the game is raw as hell; but I did not forget about you all or the Love of what I do. so starting monday I will be spending MAD HOURS on the Video only things whats been a bargin was the Slowness of the Pc it gets the Job done but it's slow, but i'll deal with it.



2014-08-14 11:18:08 by JoeDragonn

What's up folks, I got just news. The flash video is still in the process by due do to computer upgradtion I had to down grade to my old PC. Transferring everything over, thing is this PC is the same age as thee earth (figure speech) therefore I'm getting the job done but it's very slowly but showly. Just stay up with me folks. I want to bring a new flavor to this type of flash animation far as whatever u see in it.


2014-06-20 15:09:29 by JoeDragonn

What's up folks, sorry more additional edition has occured during this process. If you know flash you know that most times it gets very sensitive towards certain files type, and that's whats been happening. Alot of photoshop work is going on now in the process, and yet research. HEY I AM GLADLY TO TAKE ANY OPEN IDEAS ON THE SUBZERO VS SCORPION SCENARIO IF ANY OF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE AND BE SURE TO SHOUT YOU OUT.