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Return of the Dragon

2017-09-28 00:33:27 by JoeDragonn

Greeting all Family, Sorry for being astray, been battleing  the way of LIFE. Here back on track befote I disappeared I have projects in place to remind my self to create. After I finish the BIG  DBZ FRIEZA'S WISH PROJECT hosted by MYSTICSKILLZ which I appreciate for being a part of. I will show more of what my mind needs to get across im talking more animation, Animation ANImation and ANIMATIONS as much as possible. Here's some titles I'll be picking up on far as games/series characters. Burdock the saiyan withing DBZ + North star,  Avatar the Fire Prince Koh + Mk, Liu Kang : the Dark Empreor  sequel to the Liu Kang's quest  Mk only for now. Possible project SENTINEL DESTRUCTION 3!!!! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN hosted by Techlesswayz. Oh also 1min melee's of NINJA SCROLL other ninja's in scene


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2017-01-31 22:26:44 by JoeDragonn

Here's The Final Trailer for upcoming project that I have the pleasure of being In.




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2016-08-20 14:19:43 by JoeDragonn

Okay so for the big question WHAT HAPPEN TO THEM? Well when Scorpion summoned Andy Boguard, Chipp, and Hanzo, they appeared behind their opponents on which they will FIGHT! YES additional shorty story lines will be told within these 1-2 Melee fights. Each of the "7 Khan's imposters will be reveal to interfer"171834974_Untitled.png


2016-08-18 17:45:06 by JoeDragonn

Okay so I hope everyone read this before watching. This video was one hella of a ride! It took SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKING LONG because 1st my super pc goes out, using sorry laptop, video corrupts, restarted, keyboard goes out, and last LIFE comes knifing in the ass. Now Thanks to my team R1665 and Mystic Skillz for the support to get this Video publish. With the Visual I chose to use Flash was being a Bitch lol therefore i'm aware of most errors but feel free to critique ENJOY.


2015-11-22 12:33:05 by JoeDragonn

So I'll start off with the project I propose to you guys from almost 3 years ago. No this project wasn't meant to take this long nor will it be like a hr or 2hr movie but 6mins tops. The problem that caused so much delay were numerous or obstacles, Hi-tech pc to low tech switch, school and they issue on not giving a damn about your personal life, work not giving a damn about your health, time spent on girlfriend, friends and kids; and just time spent on video games heavy at the time TTT2 n MK at the time. I am here today to tell you I never stop thinking about this project and many more imagination that creates in my head while I'm sleep but I can't bypass this current project. I did put it on pause to join a collaborating with the Tier Group, R1665, Techlesswayz, MysticSkillz, and couple others I can't remember lol Sorry guys N.L.L but on SENTINEL DESTRUCTION 2!!. Little after the release of that I resume NINJA SCROLL and on the finish guess what FLASH DOES TO ME....CORRUPTED me. Guys I wanted to give it all up because there want no cure for "Could not load scene onto memory. Your document may be damage". But I have a back up that was in the trash so I restore that and it got corrupted so I have an additional spare that was further much back then what I have push me back 3000 frames, but the entire thing is sync in my brain so in on a hunt to getting it all done very much so for you guys. To my Little FANS keep believing in it give me strength to carry on. I do not do this for fiancial purposes but for animation skills potentiality for greater animator to ask me to join on board and then commission can come from there but money or no money you want to see more of my mind I'lol always be down with that 




SD2 premieres!!!!

2015-06-15 21:56:42 by JoeDragonn


Worth the Wait

2015-03-04 23:07:43 by JoeDragonn

Sorry for my unpromise due dates, as you all know I'm trying to get through this with project on my lower standard pc. Along with Life, responsibilities kicks in, but I Will promise you it will be release soon, not much left for Ninja Scroll. Trailer will be release sooner if it's as organize in my mind on actual timeline. 



2015-02-01 20:10:17 by JoeDragonn


Scene POV 1. Bats is not the useable character3826690_142284501773_bats.png

Scene POV 2 3826690_142284504161_bats2.png